Planning, Building Control, Listed Buildings & Conservation Area Consent

Before embarking on a project, you need to make sure that you have the correct permissions and sufficient information to enable your builder to meet the current Building Regulations.

At Castlemore Ltd, we have over 60 years combined experience of submitting applications for Planning, Building Control approval, Listed Building Consent and Conservation Area consent across Dorset, Hampshire and sometimes, further afield.

Depending on the property and the work planned, the following permissions may be required:

  • Planning Permission
  • Building Control approval
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Conservation Area Consent
  • Landlord consent
  • Other permissions

Planning Applications

There are many different types of planning applications available depending on the type or property the work being  undertaken. There is a lot of work that can also be done under permitted development  or by 'prior approval'. 

If you are in any doubt about what sort of permission you may need, how long it may take and what it may cost, then please call 01202 486666 or contact admin@ for a non-obligation chat.

If you need architectural plans drawn up to help with you project, we can do these for you as well. Please look at our Architectural Design page for further information.

Building Control

Most elements of construction require compliance with current Building Regulations and an application will need to be submitted for approval. The Regulations change regularly and it is important that you choose a company who keep their training and practices up to date. 


The two types of application

Full Plans - This type of application requires detailed drawings to be submitted to the local authority along with the relevant fee for the work being undertaken. The plans are checked and an approval notice is issued before work commences.

This process can take up to 8 weeks dependent on the project but in most cases it will be completed before this. A compliance certificate will be issued on completion of the works. The fee to Building Control is often lower, as there less for them check and you are given a certificate of compliance when the works are signed off.

Castlemore Ltd can prepare and obtain the necessary information requested by Building Control - including a cross-section drawing through the proposed construction, thermal calculations, excessive glazing calculations and structural calculations.


We then submit the application on your behalf and address any queries that Building Control may raise. Please contact us on 01202 48888 or email admin @ for further advice.

Building Notice - This type of application is a simpler procedure, but cannot be used for commercial developments. Basic details and the relevant fee are submitted to Building Control and you can start work within 48 hrs.  In this case, the plans are not checked and therefore a compliance certificate is not issued. Instead, work is allowed to commence with regular site inspections made at agreed stages of construction. There is no involvement from us as you can simply submit the application direct to the Buiding Control Inspector.


Listed Building and Conservation Area Consent

If you live in or own a property that is either listed or located in a conservation area, you may need additional permission to undertake any work to your property, including simple refurbishment work. Castlemore Ltd can obtain these permissions on your behalf, by submitting details to the relevant authorities, negotiating an agreed solution and obtaining conditional of full approval.

Landlord Consent

If you live in a leasehold property, or own a share of the freehold, and wish to undertake some work to your property, you may need consent of the landlord or the other freeholders. In order to obtain this, you may need plans and detailed information to submit to them. Each project is individual, so contact Castlemore Ltd on 01202 486666 or email: admin@ with your requirements.

Other permissions

There may be other permissions that you require, which do not come under any of the above categories. For example, if you are building near to, or over, a public sewer, you will need permission from the local Water Authority.

If you wish to apply for a dropped kerb to your driveway, you will need the agreement of the Local Highways Authority.

Castlemore Ltd can make these applications on your behalf, submitting the necessary information and obtaining permission. Please contact us on 01202 486666 or email: admin@ to discuss your requirements further.

For an informal chat - or to discuss more details of any of our services please call us now on 01202 486666 or email us at admin

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